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Mallemaala Entertainments forayed into Telugu Television sighting the opportunity to reach the audience through TV. With a dedicated team of creative people the studio has made an impression in both Fiction and Non-Fiction segments


Catering to Telugu TV audience is a unique art in itself. Mallemaala Entertainments mastered the art with two daily serials Sravana Meghaalu and Toorpu Velle Railu

    Sravana Meghaalu

Sravana Meghaalu looks deep into the bond of two sisters, Sravani and Meghana, whose destiny takes a different turn after their father dies. Shunned by youngsters, the two sisters take up a legal fight, not just for property that rightfully belongs to them, but also to keep their relationship strong! The daily serial ran for 150 episodes.

    Toorpu Velle Railu

In the villages of Andhra Pradesh, it is still a habit to call trains by the timings they start daily, and to the direction they go. Toorpu Velle Railu (meaning: The Train that goes East) is a story about a woman’s wait for the return of her husband. What she doesn’t know or cannot accept is that he is dead. Intertwined with her stories are the stories of many other women of the village, and how their lives are affected with the changing lifestyles. Running successfully for more than 600 episodes, the daily hadn’t just topped the charts but also carved the lives of few of its lead actors.

Non Fiction:

With the growing appreciation for reality shows, Mallemaala Entertainments decided that it would launch shows that would multiply the magnitude and intensity they offer. It was with this vision that their reality shows like Dhee and Genes happened.


Dhee is a dance reality show which was uniquely designed, packaged and programmed so that it caught the audiences’ attention. It didn’t just catch attention but topped the TRPs in Non-fiction segment on Telugu Television for a number of weeks.
It not only gave audience loads of entertainment, but also shaped the careers of dozens of participants.

The show is currently in its fifth season, with more following than ever.


A franchisee of the famous Italian show DNA is one of its first kind show in India. A complete family game show, Genes within just few weeks of its airing, made that families began watching it every week. Slotted in the prime time of Saturday Night, Genes topped the TRPs, with the fifth episode and is still standing there. It is presently in its first season.