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Arundhati – A Visual Extravaganza


Arundhati is a city educated girl who is getting ready for her marriage with Rahul. She goes to visit her family and friends in Gadwal, and there she has an out of the world experience. She finds herself in the relics of an erstwhile castle, and talks to a voice coming from a sepulcher. Though she is saved by a sorcerer, she seeks answers to this experience. As a result Arundhati finds that she is the exact look alike of her great grandmother Jejemma, and that there is a huge connection between this and the talking sepulcher. The search for her answers results in even more eerie experience, each worse than the other. How Arundhati finds the final answer and how she destroys what has been affecting her village forms the rest of the story.

Arundhati employed visual effects and special effects in almost every scene, making it one of the costliest films. It went onto break record collections and catapulted actress Anushka’s position as an actress. The movie has since then paved way for more films which employ computer generated imagery and opened a new avenue in Telugu cinema.